Cracked Labs

Institute for Critical Digital Culture

Partners and friends

Cracked Labs is working with a range of project and network partners from across Europe and the US.

Advisory Board

The members of Cracked Labs’ advisory board further our mission by supporting us with their knowledge, expertise and network:

  • Paul Nemitz, Principal Adviser on Justice Policy, European Commission
  • Frank Pasquale, Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School
  • Judith Simon, Professor for Ethics in Information Technologies, University of Hamburg
  • Linnet Taylor, Professor of International Data Governance, Tilburg University

How we fund our work

Cracked Labs has been a registered non-profit organization in Austria since 2012. In recent years, we received major grants from Austrian federal bodies, the City of Vienna, Arbeiterkammer, Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) and Open Society Foundations (OSF). In addition, Cracked Labs has carried out collaborative projects that aim to advance justice, fundamental rights, trust and democracy in the information society with the Norwegian Consumer Council, NOYB, Open Rights Group, ICCL, AWO, Reset.Tech Australia and other organizations. We have advised EU data protection authorities on corporate data misuse, and we develop and contribute to educational programs in the area of consumer and workplace privacy for trade unions and other organizations.

In 2019, Cracked Labs received a donation of $25,000 from DuckDuckGo, a company that operates a search engine that does not create digital profiles on users.


Cracked Labs works with a global network of organizations and experts in different fields. In recent years, the following people made core contributions to our projects.

  • Wolfie Christl, executive director and research lead
  • Lisa Sigl, methodological and scientific support
  • Hans Christian Voigt, research, project management and training
  • Pascale Osterwalder, visual design and illustration
  • Katharina Kopp, research
  • Patrick Urs Riechert, research and editing
  • Ralf Traunsteiner, web technology

“Data Dealer” team (2011-2014)

Data Dealer, an award-winning educational game about privacy and surveillance, was created by:

  • Ivan Averintsev, core creator, technical design, development, systems engineering, game design
  • Wolfie Christl, core creator, idea, story, research, game design, management, press
  • Pascale Osterwalder, core creator, visual and character design, illustrations
  • Ralf Traunsteiner, core creator, game design, storyboarding, interface design, development
  • Nick Farr, US support
  • Alexandra Hundsdorfer, illustration
  • Heather Kelley, text and cultural consulting
  • Nils Olger, video
  • Molly Roza, press and international
  • Tobi Schäfer, technical design and development
  • Barbara Schweinzer, translation
  • Renée Winter, editor, community, research, testing
  • Markus Zachbauer, media education
  • Irene Zavarsky, project management and finance